Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Has It Already Been a Year?!?!

It's crazy to think that it's been over a year since my last post!!!  There are SO many changes in my life since my last post that I'll try and sum it up as quickly as possible so I can move on to life as I know it today... there still so much going on!


* Had setons removed because my body seemed to be healing.
* Aug 15th, I was admitted to the hospital for yet another abscess drainage and spent my mother's birthday having surgery.  As a result, we stopped the Humira injections because they were obviously not working to stop the fistulas and abscesses.
* Returned to the hospital again on October 25th and spent my sister's birthday having surgery for ANOTHER fistula and abscess drainage.
* Less than a month later on November 16th, I was back for my 3rd surgery in 4 months and my fourth for 2011... and again for the same reasons.

I returned back to work after each surgery as soon as I thought I could... but definitely didn't take the time that I should have.  Call it being stubborn, a Taurus, my mother's child... I am all of the aforementioned. I mostly did it because I felt like I was a burden to my co-workers.  My body was exhausted and was not getting enough time to heal in between attacks even without returning to work. It was a ROUGH and EMOTIONAL time for me!!!

My husband, doctors, and I decided that we should give the Humira another try but decided that this time we would change my injections to once a week instead of two injections every two weeks.  Same amount of medication but more frequent injections.


* January/February - Said "See you later" to some of my best friends from work due to position eliminations, retirements, and new jobs.  The hubby also moved 3 hours away from me to take a new job.
* March - Humira seemed to stop working as well again.  By the end of the month I was having full blown reactions to the injections (it looked as if baseballs were trying to come out of my skin!!!).  That was the end of my Humira injections.
* April - Started the month off right by taking a week off to spend up north with my husband, celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary and 14 years of being together.  Much needed!!! The day before I returned to work we started the loading doses for Remicade and I started packing to move out of our apartment to parts unknown.  By the end of the month it was clear that I needed to focus on myself and be close to my husband.  The day that I decided to give my notice, I was actually called into the office to be told that my position was eliminated.  That night I turned in my keys to our apartment and closed the chapter of our lives in Vancouver.
* May - Moved 3 hours away from my family to join my husband in the 2 family home he was renting with his brother and his family but returning every few weeks for my iron infusions and Remicade doses.
* June - Was blessed with the birth of a new nephew but also lost my grandmother to cancer.  Her passing was one of the hardest things that I have ever had to endure... even through my Crohn's battles.  My grandfather told me at her graveside service that she left me all of her strength to help me get through this and trust me, when I am down, I remember those words!!!
* July - Enjoying life but my health is not getting better.  Spent most of the month in A LOT of pain.  Finished my loading doses for the Remicade but already not seeing the results that we'd hoped for.

And here we are all the way to August...  I welcomed another nephew, this one from my own sister :)  Also, visited my GI doctor who agreed that our results are not what she'd hoped for as well and would like to run tests to see if I have enough Remicade running through my system.  She also started me on another medication called Imuran along with the Remicade to see if we can hit this harder.  I took my first dose tonight... but that's a whole other post that I'll have to save for tomorrow :)

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  1. Kristina! I didn't know you had a blog!

    Your such a tough little thing, and very inspirational, i'm glad I know you lady :)