Thursday, September 12, 2013

Trying to Come Out of Hiding

I've already messed up!!!

I said that I would blog every Thursday but I'm pretty sure I just skipped the last 4... Oops!!!  This is where I struggle in maintaining my blog.  I dislike ever feeling like I am complaining and sometimes Crohn's is just so difficult that I feel if I share everything that is going on with me, then it will sound like I am complaining.  I lead such a blessed life that I have a hard time letting others into my daily life with an autoimmune disease.  So bear with me if I disappear for a few weeks or so, I'm probably just trying to convince myself to come out of hiding.

With that being said... antibiotics, fistulas, abscesses, and drama SUCK!!!  There, I said it!  No long, drawn out explanation needed!  Moving on now...

This summer has been so chaotic for me.  It was a good chaos, the social kind, but still hard to juggle when your friends and family live 3 hours away and you have to travel alone because your husband works a ton (yes, I understand it's a blessing).  It seems like I was only ever home for a few days at a time.  I was seriously looking forward to fall coming for some down time until I looked at my calendar today to realize that I am booked out heavily until sometime in October... and then the holidays hit! Another plus to all the chaos is that it gives me lots to blog about so I shouldn't be disappearing anytime soon :)

Here are some ideas that I am tossing around:
  • The arrival of my niece Tegan (she's #10 in the niece/nephew department for us)
  • All of my craft projects I'm working on and the debate of opening an Etsy shop
  • My brainstorm of ideas to change the direction of my Crohn's treatment
  • My organization obsession and my household binder that I am updating since my last one drowned while camping
  • Anniversary Trip brainstorming
  • My holiday crafting plans
  • Crohn's Education
  • The life of a hunter's wife during hunting season
  • Our new truck (another thing my hard working husband was able to accomplish)
  • and some more surprises that I'll share when the timing is right ;)
I'll leave you with these thoughts that have been on my mind all week:


Until next time...