Friday, January 8, 2016

Sometimes it Takes Baby Steps

I've been fervently and repeatedly reminded over the past 8 days that rarely are our paths ever straight and that the best of intentions are just that, intentions.  No change comes from intentions alone.  We have to start small, plan even the baby steps, and hold ourselves accountable, so that we are putting our intent into action.

To say that I have been struggling over the past 8+ days would be explaining it mildly and cautiously.  I am not sure if it is my body, my mind, or my spirit needing rest or a combination of any/all or something else entirely but this "year" has already been a blur and I couldn't tell you what I have done so far because 1.) My mind is in a complete fog and 2.) It isn't much.  The daily tasks are a struggle, to the point of being nearly impossible to complete.  It's a feeling that I have experienced before but usually only after recovering from surgery or during and after an extremely rough flare... neither of which are currently in play.

I started this week with what I thought was a plan and by day one, I realized that it was all just intentions... a big TO DO list.  As the days passed, the TO DO list weighed on my heart and mind, adding to my unrest, but I just couldn't physically take the "step" to make an action plan.

It all let to my earlier stated reminder... The best of intentions are just that, intentions!  This morning I went back to the "drawing board" to break it down and plan out the steps.  Sure, there are times in life where "Just Do It" applies, but when you are struggling, it's okay to sit down, take a moment, and plan the baby steps.  I needed to hear that today, and if you are struggling also, I hope you take it to heart as well!!!

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